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Is it time for society to change?

I'm going to ask you to think back to when you started working at a new job. Think about your excitement of your first day as you happily met everyone as the supervisor introduced you to your co-workers. Things are going well, you are happy at the organization but as you get comfortable in your new environment, you notice certain tasks being done completely inefficiently and you even overhear other employees complaining about how inconvenient and useless the entire process was. You think to yourself, why don't they do things differently? In fact, you can think of a myriad of better ways the task can be handled and you wonder if no one else has thought of these options before. You approach your supervisor expressing your concerns and ways you think things can be done better and you get the dreaded, "This is the way it's always been done." And with a shrug of the shoulders the supervisor walks away.

Think of how you felt when you heard that phrase. The frustration at why no one wanted to put in the effort to make a change that so many others agreed was past due. What if you tried to there and make the changes on your own only to be met with the direction from management to reel it back. Would you decide to give up and go with the flow or do you wait until the final straw and quit? What then? Nothing changes, the organization stays the same, the people are still frustrated and everyone continues with the status quo.

Why create a system that intentionally contributes to the deterioration of the environment, perpetuating hate, and fostering individualism to the detriment of care for the less fortunate? Forcing people to robotic lives that offer no personal fulfillment but is wrought with societal rules and standards. Criminalizing the mentally ill, poor, and any group deemed as an other by society. Education systems that are biased and inequitable and deliberate attempts to marginalize certain groups of society has caused many people to wonder, why are we not doing things differently, why not change?

Why not consider the ideas of the "radical" individual that is screaming that we are doing it all wrong? I think at this point, most people can acknowledge that what is going on in so many areas of our society is not working. I'm sure just as many people can think of at least two ways things can be done differently, but it seems as if many people in society have become that frustrated new employee. If that is you, can you identify where you would be if you were the new employee? Would you be ready to go out and make your own change, are you giving up and prepared to go along to get along, or are you ready to quit the whole thing and start new somewhere else?Click on the member’s profile.

If more people consider that collectively change can happen but the key is collectively. More people need to decide that enough is enough and things need and should be done differently. Start with you. Do your best to do things differently in your life everyday. Inspire those around you to do the same. If you have a way to help someone, do it, and someone else can/should help you. Don't quit. Don't give in. The answer can no longer be, "This is how its always been done."

Peace and blessings

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