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MA, Counseling Psychology
AMFT, 133910

I am a native of Oakland, California and a writer who is passionate about many things in addition to therapy. I have experience in working with employees who've experienced workplace stress, racial, and other workplace inequities. As an African American woman who has navigated the workplace for many years, I can help women who have experienced microaggressions and other workplace aggression(s) and learn ways to get themselves in healthier situations. I use my passion to drive my desire to help my clients live the life that truly makes them happy.

I've worked with women battling addiction while oftentimes navigating childhood and other trauma. I've learned so much about the strength and tenacity of women who have so much love to give but are protective of the vulnerability that comes with being open and transparent about their feelings. I enjoy helping those women become empowered in themselves to not only be transparent in their relationships but also maintain healthy boundaries to keep themselves safe. 

I am perceptive and a good listener. My ultimate wish for any client is that they find a way to live the life they want to live and I am respectful of the opportunity to be part of that process in any way.  

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