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Inward Life Therapy
a realistic approach to mental health

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Are you overwhelmed with life's experiences? Do you feel like you are trying your best but nothing is working out? Do you feel like you need a little perspective?


​As an existential focused therapist, I'll walk with you as you navigate life's experiences while identifying your purpose. Purpose is something that is unique to us all, but the satisfaction of identifying, living in, or working towards our purpose is universal.  Conversely, as typical with any journey, you may encounter experiences that will impact the path you have made for yourself. I can help you avoid allowing those experiences to overshadow your goals. 


So, I can walk with you and be part of your life's journey as you find, work through, or clarify  your purpose... or we can just talk.  

~Jenee Jackson

AMFT 133910


MA, Counseling Psychology

Tel: 707-590-8863


Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center

Supervised by: Jennier Powe Runde,

LMFT 46457 

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